Staked Barriers

Contain and control storm water runoff

Our line of staked barriers are continuous panels of impervious vinyl-polyester (PVC) fabric that, when installed correctly, contain stormwater runoff or re-direct it to proper channels or retention areas.

Our staked barriers meet or exceed all DOT specifications and are recognized as a top erosion and sediment containment product. We utilize our Tough Guy technology with industry-leading materials to provide the best solutions across a range of industries.

These barriers are an ideal option for projects that have significant site discharge. Our barriers work to prevent erosion and stormwater runoff in demanding conditions, and are DOT compliant for use as a stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP). Our system works best in porous soils on moderately sloped sites.


  • Construction sites
  • Roadside ditches
  • Marshes, ponds, and other shallow bodies of water
  • Retention basins

staked barrier


On-land installation is similar to that of a sit fence, with 8 inches of the barrier below grade and 36 inches above grade. The upper portion of the barrier is attached to metal or wood stakes (including re-bar) that are approximately 6 feet apart with staples, wires, or nylon ties. As needed, staked barriers can also be installed in up to 18 inches of water.

Download our Staked Barrier Spec Sheet here.


NEW! Staked Barriers Now Available With Stakes Attached

We have listened to customers and installers alike and there was an overwhelming desire for our popular Staked Barrier product line to be offered with stakes already attached to the barrier. Previously only the barrier itself was being provided and the customer/installer were required to acquire the stakes themselves. With this new offering the Staked Barriers with stakes are ready for installation in the field.

We Now Offer:

• Original Staked Barrier with no stakes
• 100’ & 48’ long staked barrier with stakes
• 100’ & 48’ long staked barrier with stakes and lattice (adding lattice on the opposite side of the stake keeps the metal staple off the fabric and helps prevent tearing)
• Bundles of stakes for purchase in a 9- and 17-pac


Aer-Flo is the creator and innovator behind the Tough Guy barriers range of products. Tough Guy barriers utilize industry-leading materials to provide the best solutions across a variety of industries.

Customers rave about our Tough Guy line which is widely recognized as the go-to brand.  And like all Aer-Flo products, Tough Guy barriers are designed and manufactured in the United States.

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