What Others Have to Say

“What’s one of the best things about working with the Aer-Flo team? There are many. They have products in stock. I always get a response when I need help or have questions. And when they say they’ll get something done, they do.” — Florida Distributor

“In today’s environment, getting products out to customers isn’t easy for some companies. But for Aer-Flo, this isn’t an issue. If they say they’ll get you the product, they do it.” — Georgia Distributor

“It is VERY easy to get a hold of someone at Aer-Flo and get questions answered and get real, live help with orders.” — Alabama Distributor

“I’ve never had an issue with an order being fulfilled.  They always get it done.” — Florida Distributor

“Aer-Flo is the go-to company for all environmentally sensitive projects.” — Alabama Distributor

“Aer-Flo is incredibly reliable. When they say they will take care of something, you know it will be done.” — Florida Distributor

“The Aer-Flo team is so easy – and responsive – to work with.” — Texas Distributor

“The response time of the Aer-Flo team is exceptional. And, the team is incredibly reliable and always delivers.” — California Distributor

“When we have a challenging project, Aer-Flo takes the time to come up with a solution that works.” — California Distributor

“It’s so important for our suppliers to have what we need, in stock, when we need it. Aer-Flo delivers.”  — Florida Distributor


Aer-Flo is the creator and innovator behind the Tough Guy barriers range of products. Tough Guy barriers utilize industry-leading materials to provide the best solutions across a variety of industries.

Customers rave about our Tough Guy line which is widely recognized as the go-to brand.  And like all Aer-Flo products, Tough Guy barriers are designed and manufactured in the United States.

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