Turbidity Barrier Accessories

Everything you need to anchor your Tough Guy Floating Turbidity Barrier!


Lighted Navigation Buoys

  • Required by Coast Guard for Floating Turbidity Barriers in navigable waterways.

Anchor Kits

  • Includes everything needed to anchor Tough Guy Floating Turbidity Barriers

Towing Bridle 

  • This accessory is designed to efficiently move flotation barriers through water during the installation process.


Aer-Flo is the creator and innovator behind the Tough Guy barriers range of products. Tough Guy barriers utilize industry-leading materials to provide the best solutions across a variety of industries.

Customers rave about our Tough Guy line which is widely recognized as the go-to brand.  And like all Aer-Flo products, Tough Guy barriers are designed and manufactured in the United States.

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