Introducing Our Innovative Oil Boom

Containment Boom

Many of the projects that require turbidity barriers also need oil booms. Check with your customer to see if an oil boom may be needed as well. Oil booms are purpose-built barriers designed exclusively for containing and managing oil spills. While turbidity barriers manage sediment, oil booms are uniquely crafted to tackle the challenges of oil spills, featuring specialized elements for the containment and cleanup of hydrophobic substances.

The key features of oil boom include:

  • Flotation: Oil booms are equipped with flotation devices that keep them buoyant in the water, creating a visible barrier and are impervious to petroleum products.
  • Skirt: The lower portion of the boom, known as the skirt, extends beneath the water surface to prevent oil from escaping underneath.
  • Connectors: Oil booms are designed to be connectible, featuring ASTM universal end connectors and locking toggle pins allowing them to be linked together to form longer barriers and surround larger areas.
  • Absorption and Repellency: Some oil booms are designed with materials that can absorb oil while others are made with materials that do not absorb but contain and trap oil preventing additional dispersion.
  • Versatility: Oil booms come in various types to suit different environments, such as offshore oil spills, harbor or coastal areas, or inland water bodies.
Absorbant Boom

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