Lighted Navigation Buoys

Premier products to promote safety and ensure regulatory compliance.

Lighted navigation buoys are required by the Coast Guard for floating turbidity barriers in navigable waterways.

We developed our line of lighted buoys to work for a wide range of projects and in across a variety of uses.

Our specially-designed unit is ultra-stable in rough waters due to underwater counter ballast weight sealed inside PVC pipe and water level attachment. The floatation unit is sealed with styrene foam.


  • Replaceable, automatic photocell night-on/day-off, high intensity while flashing light positioned on top of the buoy
  • Light has 3-mile visibility
  • Initial battery life will extend up to 18-months
  • Signal light meets the 39” above-water height regulation requirement

We developed this line of buoys as a value-priced alternative to the more costly units in the marketplace.

Aer-Flo Lighted Navigation Buoys meet or exceed the U.S Coast Guards recommendation for Floating Turbidity Barriers. Due to the proprietary nature of this product, please call Aer-Flo’s Customer Service for additional information: (833) 818-1563.



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